The Very First Cambridge CELT-S Course Commenced at LTTC Japan

On the 13th of May 2017, Cambridge CELT-S Course commenced at Lexis TESOL Training Centres -Japan(LTTC Japan). This is the very first CELT-S course in Japan.

This course is designed for secondary school teachers to develop their classroom skills and teaching confidence.  We welcomed 24 Japanese teachers of English for the May intake and more are joining us in July and September.  This flexible course will allow full time teachers to build their teaching knowledge and skills through a combination of online study, four face to face classes, an observed teaching practice with a CELT-S trainer and the TKT – Teaching Knowledge Test.

The online study consists of 8 modules and each module has different goals and aims. For example, Module 1 is about “managing the secondary classroom”.  After learning the teaching theories and classroom management skills, teachers are asked to complete a portfolio using these techniques and practical experience from their classroom teaching.  In this way, teachers actually get to try new teaching knowledge and skills and give feedback on the assignment. The first assignment was due last weekend and they liked this new approach of putting into practice knowledge that they had recently acquired.

LTTC Japan - Discussion

We are getting very positive feedback from the teachers who started taking CELT-S course in May. One of the CELT-S course Trainees, Mr. Okawa said,

“The main reason of acquiring CELT-S is for my professional development as a teacher. I believe it is important for language teachers to keep learning both the language we teach and the latest teaching methodologies. The knowledge of teaching methodologies is, for example, a food storage. When they are necessary, they should be chosen according to the students, their objectives, and the context you and your students are in.   

As a teacher, I never stop being a student. For me, the CELT-S is about developing my classroom skills and embracing the latest technology.

LTTC Japan - Discussion 2

I would like my students to enjoy language learning in their classroom with a varieties of learning styles. Simultaneously, students need to develop their ability to use a target language. Therefore, I, as a language teacher, should expand my teaching skills by participating and being qualified with the Cambridge CELT-S.”

We will be welcoming more teachers on this course in July intakes on board soon. LTTC Japan is excited to see the progress of both the teachers and their learners.

Lexis Japan - Toshi 's photo

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