CELTA Stories – Luciana

Check out what recent LTTC Sunshine Coast CELTA graduate Luciana had to say about her course and life after CELTA.Luciana Profil

I’ve always loved English so it was quite easy to choose what career I wanted to pursue when I finished school. Having finished my major in English and having worked at a well-known institution in Rio de Janeiro gave me the core idea of what it means to be an English teacher.


However, when I came to Australia in January 2018, I found out I also had to take the CELTA in order to keep working with what I love. As I was living on the Sunshine Coast, there was only one option to do the CELTA, but little did I know that it was in fact the best option. I enrolled in the CELTA at Lexis in May and started the classes in June. It was a hectic month but I had two wonderful trainers, Michelle and Liz, who were absolutely helpful and enlightening during the whole course. And not only were my trainers fantastic, but the entire staff made me feel like home and gave me all the support I needed.

Luciana Group shot 1

The fact that I’m a non-native speaker in Australia made me question whether I would be suitable to work here as an English teacher. After finishing the CELTA (with a pass B!!!) at Lexis, however, I was confident enough to apply for jobs in different cities across the country, so I applied for a job in late August to work at a language school in Melbourne. I received a call in the same week and decided to fly down for an interview. I thankfully got the job and have been living in Melbourne since then.

I put everything I’ve learnt into practice whenever I’m planning my lessons or teaching my students, and I’m sure if it hadn’t been for Lexis’ amazing support, I wouldn’t be working as a teacher now.

Luciana class


For more information regarding English language teacher training courses contact lttc@lexisenglish.com or visit http://www.lexistesoltraining.com

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