Cambridge Train the Trainer Online – Michelle’s story

Check out what Michelle had to say about our Cambridge Train the Trainer Online course:

The Train the Trainer course or TtT (to the initiated) was a great experience. I’ve been a teacher educator for 15 years and I found it highly relevant.Michelle O

The content is very broad and has something appealing to every ELT professional regardless where they are in terms of development. I love designing tasks and I really enjoyed designing tasks and plans and also using Padlet ( a dear favorite of mine).

The platform used for the course delivery is also worth mentioning. Future Learn is clear, easy to use and also very mobile-friendly.

What I enjoyed the most was definitely the interaction with other participants. I am strong supporter of Vygotsky’s Socio Constructivism and believe that we learn when we interact with others, and there was plenty of high-quality interactions sharing, debating and learning. Another interesting point was that through the interactions we all got the chance to act as a teacher/trainer and teach something to each other. Just like Paulo Freire says “ Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching´.

Cambridge Train The Trainer-page-001

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