My Cambridge Train the Trainer Experience

Andrea Medve – Hungary


I have been working as a freelance teacher in Hungary for about 28 years now and I had attended some workshops, conferences and trainings, but have never done any online courses until this year.

To be honest I was a bit worried at the beginning, because I had no idea what to expect, I couldn’t imagine how I could be a part of this sort of training. I was sure that the content of the course would be very professional, but I was wondering how the lead trainers would evaluate our progress. To my great surprise it worked great!

The whole 8 weeks were super exciting and enjoyable. Every week we had tasks to do: listening, watching videos, writing about certain topics, and after each we could discuss our thoughts, findings in comments. I knew I would learn a lot from the materials but I didn’t think how much I would get from my peers attending the course with me. Such a great team we had! From all around the world! I got to know fantastic people, teacher trainers and experts in their fields and they gave me new vision to continue my job as a teacher, and at the same time they helped me to see different perspectives to become a trainer. Needless to say, that as a total beginner on this field, that was the hardest part: to change my own way of thinking from being a teacher to become a teacher trainer.

The course opened my eyes and also made me realise the similarities and differences of teaching students and training teachers. During the course we got to know theories and techniques about planning sessions, observing lessons, giving feedback, asking for reflection and obviously we had to use them with our peers in pairs and groups. You would be surprised to see how efficiently it worked! So if you are contemplating of doing a course for your own professional development, here is the great chance to join the next starting in October! Go and apply for it!

Good luck for everyone!

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