Start your teaching career in 2016!

the world

Looking for a new challenge? Feel like trying something new?  If you want to see the world and get paid to do it, why not try TESOL? CELTA is the world’s premier English language teaching qualification and qualifies you to teach English all over the world. Lexis TESOL Training Centres is running three more CELTA courses in 2016 and could be just the thing you’re looking for.


Course Dates:

Sunshine Coast

Full-time (4 weeks): February 1st – February 26th, 2016

Full-time (4 weeks): June 20th – July 15th, 2016

Full-time (4 weeks): August 22nd – September 16th, 2016

Part-time (10 weeks): October 1st – December 8th, 2016


Part-time (10 weeks): January 30th – April 7th, 2016

Full-time (4 weeks): May 30th – June 24th, 2016

Full-time (4 weeks): July 18th – August 12th, 2016

Part-time (10 weeks): October 8th – December 15th, 2016


For more information and an application form go to:


The Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is the world’s most recognised EFL qualification and your first reliable step to teaching anywhere in the world.

CELTA is taken by over 10,000 candidates each year and is an internationally recognised, externally accredited TEFL course which provides fluent speakers of English (both native and non-native speakers) with high quality training and experience in teaching English as a foreign language.

The course is the ideal initial TEFL course and is suitable for people with no teaching experience as well as teachers who are already working, but have no formal qualification.

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