Changes to South Korea’s EPIK program to benefit CELTA graduates

South Korea’s EPIK program is one of Asia’s largest recruiters of foreign English language teachers, with over 600 native English speaking teachers placed in government schools each year.

EPIK provides very attractive pay and conditions, and is regarded as one of the most attractive teaching opportunities in Asia, particularly for recent graduates.

As a centrepiece for English education in Korea, the EPIK program has been subject to regular quality reviews over recent years, with the most recent recommendation being a substantial increase in the qualifications required for employment on the program.

From 2016, teachers will continue to require a Bachelor level university qualification in any subject, but will now also need a formal TESOL qualification with at least 120 hours of face to face tuition, including a practical teaching component. Online qualifications will no longer be acceptable.

The Cambridge CELTA has been specified as a suitable qualification for EPIK, and is highly regarded by the program’s recruiters.


If you are interested in hearing more about how your LTTC CELTA can provide a pathway to EPIK and other teaching programs, contact Dave at .


You can also read more about EPIK here –

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