CELTA Day Three!

February CELTA Day 3

Day 3 of CELTA was a busy day for LTTC’s latest cohort. Their first session of the morning was ‘presenting language’ where the trainees were involved in a number of language presentation styles including:

  • Situational Presentation
  • Guided Discovery
  • Text-based Presentation
  • Test-Teach-Test

The candidates all worked hard and got involved in the tasks, making the session very productive – they even got to learn some new vocab!

This was followed by a session on lesson planning which looked at establishing and writing lesson aims, anticipating problems, analysing target language, making assumptions about learners, and writing procedures with stage aims.

After lunch, half of the group taught their first 40 minute lessons to real students. The feedback from the students was very positive and the teachers all did well.

Great work and keep it up guys!


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