5 Reasons to Study CELTA in 2015

Are you wondering what to do with your 2015? Well if so, here are 5 reasons to make CELTA a part of your year.


Start a new career – by passing the Cambridge CELTA, you will have become a fully qualified English language teacher. This opens up the world of language teaching and language tourism to you. Whether you are 20 or 70, this career is available to all!


Travel the world – CELTA is the world’s most recognised English language teaching qualification and enables you to teach all over the world. English teaching allows you to work in different countries and see the world at the same time.


Experience new cultures – Qualified teachers are sort after the world over and students love to share their culture with their teachers. The experiences gained through interacting with your students can enrich your understanding of the world and give you experiences and memories that will stay with you.

Balinese Dancers, Indonesia

A new life skill – Knowing something is one thing, being able to pass that knowledge on in a way that is accessible to others is a skill that needs to be learned. The skills and techniques learned on CELTA are about how to teach and so are transferable across other areas of life.


It’s fun – Teaching English is one of the most enjoyable professions there is. The interactive nature of language teaching is far removed from the classrooms of your primary and high school. The students are there to learn, they want to learn, and they want to enjoy learning. The atmosphere can be light or serious, but there is always the underlying element of fun.


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