CELTA Week 2

CELTA Week 2 TESOL Sunshine Coast

Week two saw our CELTA trainees delve deeper into the world of TESOL at LTTC’s Sunshine Coast campus. Today’s sessions included Presenting Language, Teaching Reading, Analysing Lexis, and Checking Understanding.

Presenting Language gave the trainees a look at the various ways in which grammar and vocabulary can be introduced to students in an engaging and meaningful way. The trainees experienced situational, guided discovery, text based and Test-Teach-Test presentations

Teaching Reading was a look into the different subskills of reading and how we as teachers can help students to improve these.

Analysing Lexis helped the students to understand what it really means to ‘know’ a word. By analysing vocabulary, the trainees were able to anticipate possible learner problems and decide how best to overcome them.

Checking understand looked at using Concept Checking Questions (CCQs) and timelines to clarify grammatical points and lexical items. This is essential in helping students to grasp the full meaning of the target language.

It was a big day but the trainees all worked hard and kept in high spirits. Great work guys!

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